Reading for life

Reading Inspires Writing

Listen to Kate as she explains how reading can have a huge and long lasting impact on writing. Reading opens up a whole world of opportunity and it’s impact can be felt in many ways.

Take some time to listen to a little poem from 1939 by T.S. Elliott

Macavity the mystery cat brought to life by Y5&6

Did the Egyptians Rap?

Off we go to far off lands with the Egyptians - enjoy and learn something along the way 😊

Who was Samuel Pepys?

Listen to class 2 recite their poem all about The Great Fire of London. We love to see how our topic work enriches our English work.

London is Burning - class one

Part of our school development in Reading is to develop the joy of poetry and performance. Well done to class one for learning London’s Burning and for performing it for a large audience.

The Great Kapok Tree Talk 4 Writing

Class 3 have worked so hard to learn the story of The Great Kapok Tree. Through the process, the children have been able to imitate the language and structure that they need to write their own dilemma stories. I'm sure you will agree that they sound fantastic!

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Successful Learning

Independent writing ✍️

This young man (who is only 5) made me smile today with this story. I love how accurate he is and how he corrects himself without prompting. Super learning!

Successful learners are cooperative

Working together is an important part of learning you need to: listen to others; say when you don’t understand; be kind when you disagree; explain things to help others and be tolerant.

Don’t Give Up!

To be a successful learner you need to persevere even when you feel like the task is too difficult, this is when the real growth happens. You will have a true feeling of success when you conquer a difficult task. You need to: work hard; practise lots; keep going; try new strategies; ask for help; start again and take brain breaks.


Learning to learn takes discipline. This video is about how to manage concentration and give your self the best opportunity to learn. Learning takes effort.

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