Reading for life

The Great Kapok Tree Talk 4 Writing

Class 3 have worked so hard to learn the story of The Great Kapok Tree. Through the process, the children have been able to imitate the language and structure that they need to write their own dilemma stories. I'm sure you will agree that they sound fantastic!

Jelly Fish

Year 1 & 2 enjoy learning about jellyfish. Super performance for the community.

My Iguana by year 3&4

Starting the term off with Poetry helps to develop creativity and builds a language bank for pupils. We hope you enjoy this energetic poem.

Reading - a simple pleasure

We are delighted to have Kate Long as one of our fabulous support staff. Kate is a real ambassador for reading and writing and a key person as we move forward with a year of raising standards in reading. Kate always says she would never have become a writer if she wasn't a huge reader, reading is key in being a successful writer as it aids creativity. Kate has written eight novels, a TV drama, articles for newspapers, short stories for magazines. Kate talks about how to become a reader in this clip.

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